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Importance of Company Secretary

  • In Malaysia, every company must appoint at least one Company Secretary who meets specific requirements.
  • The Company Secretary must be a resident of Malaysia and a member of a designated professional body or licensed by the SSM.
  • The Corporate Secretary’s role involves ensuring the smooth administration of the company and upholding its governance integrity.
  • They ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations and implement decisions made by the Board of Directors.

Company Secretary Services

  • Company secretaries’ role is often misunderstood as solely focused on document maintenance and filing.
  • However, they play a crucial role in transparently disclosing information to shareholders, investors, and regulatory bodies.
  • Company secretaries also ensure effective compliance with corporate laws.
  • According to Companies Acts 1965 Section 139A (a) & (b), specific individuals are eligible to serve as company secretaries.

Strike Off Company

When you decide to cease operations or close down your business or company in Malaysia, there are two main methods for closing a Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) company:

1. Strike off the company’s name at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM):

This is the more cost-effective option for closing a company. By striking off the company’s name, you can discontinue the payment of secretarial fees, audit fees, and tax service fees on an annual basis. To proceed with this method, you need to submit an application to SSM. It’s important to note that directors have the option to apply to the Court for the resumption of their business within 15 years after the company’s name has been struck off.

2. Voluntarily winding up of Sdn Bhd:

Voluntary winding up involves a formal process of liquidating the company’s assets, settling its liabilities, and distributing any remaining funds to shareholders. This method may be more suitable if there are significant assets, liabilities, or legal considerations involved in the closure of the company. Voluntary winding up requires the appointment of a liquidator, who oversees the entire process and ensures compliance with legal requirements

Business Credit Report Searches

  • A healthy business credit score is essential for a company’s financial well-being.
  • Business credit scores assess the likelihood of a business repaying its debts, impacting credit availability and interest rates.
  • Factors like industry risk and business size are considered when calculating the score.
  • A good business credit score can be advantageous when selling the business, as the creditworthiness is transferred to the new owner.
  • Prospective buyers are attracted to a business with a solid credit history, signaling financial stability and the ability to meet obligations.
  • In summary, a healthy business credit score influences credit availability, interest rates, and enhances the business’s value during a sale by transferring its credit reputation to the new owner.

Liquidation In Malaysia

Liquidation, or winding up, is the process of ending a company’s existence when it cannot repay its debts. A liquidator is appointed by either the shareholders or the court to represent the interests of creditors. The liquidator oversees the collection and sale of assets, settlement of liabilities, and distribution of remaining funds to shareholders. Liquidation can be voluntary or compulsory, and companies can be solvent or insolvent.

Malaysia Certificate of Incorporation

  • The Certificate of Incorporation serves as proof of a business entity’s existence.
  • SSM provides a copy or certified copy of the Certificate, confirming legal incorporation under the Companies Act of Malaysia.
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation is a crucial step in the company incorporation process in Malaysia.
  • After following the incorporation procedures and submitting all necessary documents, SSM issues the Certificate of Incorporation.

Individual Information Search in Malaysia

An individual information search or background check goes beyond a simple criminal history check. It helps ensure your company’s safety by examining criminal records, personal credit, litigation histories, and past/present company affiliations. It provides valuable insights for informed decision-making and risk mitigation.

Company Information Search in Malaysia

  • Conducting a background check on a business or company search is highly recommended.
  • It helps prevent potential issues like poor service, questionable characters, conflicts of interest, lack of value for money, and unethical practices.
  • Gaining insights into the background and financial records of customers or potential partners allows assessing their credibility.
  • Making informed decisions before business transactions reduces risks associated with dealing with unknown or unreliable entities.
  • This proactive approach ensures a better understanding of the parties involved and mitigates potential risks.

Malaysia SSM Company Profile

  • Information about companies incorporated under the Companies Act 2016 is accessible through a company profile search in Malaysia.
  • The search provides details about businesses registered under the owner’s personal or trade name, including Partnership and Sole Proprietorships.
  • Companies with share capital are incorporated as Private Companies (Sendirian Berhad or Sdn Bhd) or Public Companies (Berhad or Bhd).
  • Conducting a company profile search allows easy access to valuable information about these entities.
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