Accounting Firm in Malaysia

The Firm’s vision of success is built on a culture of performance and productivity, with a strong focus on being family-friendly. To drive growth, we prioritize serving our clients with urgency, maintaining leadership alignment, upholding professionalism, and proactively overcoming obstacles. We use standard measures and goals to continuously improve our services. Our commitment is to support each other in challenging times and share successes across the entire Firm.


James Ho, the founder of the firm, is always very much at hand to coach and encourage all staff of the firm to look at, every time they make the choices of roles and positions, to think about “what is it that each of them wants to accomplish — not necessarily for the rest of their life, but for the next section of the trail that’s ahead of them” and “Are they prepared for that, and is this really what each of them wants to do?’


And ultimately, such career guidance James Ho provides generally lead all of his staff to the top of their individual career development, making sure that they are able to traverse their individual path without stumbling or tripping on rocks and tree roots as they strive for greater height of career success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a top 10 accounting firm in Malaysia, known for exceptional financial services, innovative solutions, and trusted expertise. By exceeding client expectations and fostering a dedicated team, we aim to lead the industry and contribute to national business growth.

Our Mission

KKHO is dedicated to delivering exceptional financial expertise and personalized solutions to our clients. We strive to foster their financial growth, trust, and success through our professional and client-centered approach.

Our Values

Excellence, Integrity, Client-Centricity, Professionalism, Innovation, Collaboration, Social Responsibility, Lifelong Learning.


Experts Ensures Quality

We proud to say that we have joined this industry for more than 20 years. Providing diversified services to customers and have helped more than 800 companies in solving their issues.

Fast & Responsive

We offer a comprehensive array of services and pride ourselves on our quick and attentive client support. Our team is available around the clock, both online and in person, ensuring a prompt response to all inquiries and needs.

One Stop Solution for All

With years of experience in this industry, we are adept at handling various types of issues and provide different services to clients. Clients can simply entrust their concerns to us, and we will efficiently resolve them, ensuring a seamless experience for them.